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NCR token will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges

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Registered wallets in Ncrypto
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Blockchain is nothing less than the second generation of the Internet. It will change every institution, in some ways more so than the first generation did.

Problems of the existing
crowdfunding solutions

No crowdfunding smart-contract or require significant technical expertise to write and deploy them
Not integral — someone still needs some extra add-ons as back-end to manage other currency contributions or fiat gateways and to integrate all together
Expensive — need ICO experts/advisors to make a smart contract/payment module/integration
No multicurrency including fiat support (networks/platforms support one-two & almost never fiat)
No token exchange listing (during crowdfunding and after ICO listings)

How It Works

Solution. What is Ncrypto Platform?

Ncrypto is a multicurrency tokenization platform, or integrated ledger/exchange/payment system that lets businesses and individuals easily secure, and cost effectively issue/exchange/trade crypto assets, both in Ncrypto`s and in external exchanges.


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How It Works

Solution. What is Ncrypto Platform?

Ncrypto Wallet is a free, open-source, client-side multicurrency interface that allows one to interact directly with the blockchain, while remaining in full control of keys & funds.
Available as a web app and also has native Android and iOS apps. Smart and secure way to send and receive payments. Anti-fraud measures, support for operations with multiple transactions, build-in Exchange.

Decentralized Network

A decentralized network consists of peers that can run independently of each other. The power to transmit information is distributed among a network of servers, instead of being driven from one primary source. The NCRYPTO network does not depend on any single entity. The idea is to have as many independent servers participate in the NCRYPTO network as possible, so that the network will still run successfully even if some servers fail.

Money Transfer

When performing money transfers or currency exchange transactions, all transactions are recorded in a single ledger, but distributed on all computers of the network (the so-called ledger). The server initiating a transaction, in an arbitrary order, decides which nodes to entrust confirmation of a package of transactions or smart contracts.

Multicurrency Exchange

The platform has its own multicurrency exchange. It avoids the need for double / triple conversion and exchanges one crypto currency for another or for fiat, using, for example, a dollar account. In this case, the network itself will select the optimal exchange rate.

Module for the initial offering of tokens

A special feature of the platform is the availability of a separate module for the initial offering of tokens on the exchange for a more visual and simple "crowdsale". The business logic of the token or the rules of the "crowdsale" is formed by simply selecting the limiting conditions:

Token prospectus

The additional block-the token prospectus-makes it easy to integrate the created token, the rules of carrying out "crowdsale" with the project's web page, and serves as a gateway for investors for carrying out payments by both crypto and fiat currencies.

How It Works

Use Cases

With Ncrypto platform it's easy to start up new or expand existing business. Let’s take a look how the platform can help pizzeria to get an investment to a new point of sale. You just need to create a crowdsale contract and paste a code on your landing page. Crowdsale contract has lots of options such as: token assets, time, bonus, hardcap, token freeze.

The investment process is easier than ever: the investor should simply scan the qr code that appears on your landing page.

On the platform you can generate as much assets as you wish. Each asset defined by issuer address and asset name. To start you loyalty program on Ncrypto platform you just need to create new asset, that will be your discount tokens. Customers can buy your tokens today with a bonus or discount and purchase good or services.

Ncrypto allows everybody to create their own BTC, ETH or USD assets on it. That an easy way to transfer money from one side to another. You can top-up your Encrypto account with a fiat money. Transactions are very fast (>7 sec) and fee is low and fixed for any amount.

How It Works

All Crowdsales in one place

Interaction with a investor is made through a token prospectus — a detailed description of crowdsale logic and instrument of contribution that are available through subdomain name or QR code. The additional block — the token prospectus-makes it easy to integrate the created token, and the rules of carrying out a "crowdsale" with the project's web page, and serves as a gateway for investors to carry out payments by both crypto and fiat currencies.

Create your own crowdsale campaign

Anyone can “user friendly” generate tokens/assets, deposit and exchange them. The decentralization of transaction processing and storage leads to robustness and integrity. A special feature of the platform is the availability of a separate module for the initial offering of tokens on the exchange for a more visual and simple "crowdsale". The business logic of the token, or the rules of the "crowdsale", is formed by simply selecting the limiting conditions.

Purchase tokens

All initially created tokens that are in the crowdfunding stage are listed in the crowdfunding market place from where a contribution might be made in NCR, BTC, ETH or USD after KYC.

How It Works

Benefits for the user

A separate module of the initial offer of tokens on the exchange

Built-in generator of token business logic or rules for carrying out "crowdsale

Additional block — a token prospectus for integration with the project website

Decentralized platform with open source

All participants in the system have equal rights and opportunities in it

The system processes about a 100,000 tps, and the confirmation time does not exceed 5 seconds

Support for crypto currency and synchronization with the financial (banking system)

The security of the system is provided by the use of cryptographic encryption and autonomous nodes

How It Works

Simple Steps for Fundraisers

Create a Wallet

Generate Asset

Apply Token Sale Rules to your campaign

Add code to your landing page

You will pay fixed price for your Token Sale


Sep 2017

Concept development

Ncrypto Network was released as new blockchain concept to crypto community. The concept was based on the ease of use and accessability of crowdfunding tools.

Nov 2017

Start of Ncrypto development

We started our development process from careful writing of technical specifications and use cases of Ncrypto platform.

May 2018

Alfa version release

The release will contain fully functional wallet, stable version of blockchain users will able to send and receive transactions, create wallets.

Jun 2018

Payment gateways intergration

Integrate cryptocurrency and fiat gateways. NCR can be purchased for BTC, ETH, USD, EUR.

Aug 2018

Platform Beta Release

The fully functional beta release will contain Ncrypto ledger, wallet, exchange, token prospectus, crowdfunding business logic.

Apr 2019

Public blockchain highload release

Highload blockchain with 3-5 sec transaction speed, 1000+ tx/sec with 1 billion accounts.

How It Works

Ncrypto (NCR) Token Sale

Ncrypto Token is a utility token for working in the system. Ncrypto tokens are a built-in network resource and work similarly to bitcoin. That is, it is a fully-fledged crypto currency, which allows you to operate digital assets without restrictions. The sale of Ncrypto tokens is conducted to finance the pre-final part of the Ncrypto project development: marketing and promotion of the platform.

3.5 mln

Have been pre-booked during privat presale

48.5 mln

Is planned to be destributed


for the project team


for the development fund


of all sold and distributed for the bounty


of all sold and distributed for the advisors


Token Name


Token Sale start date

1 NCR = 0.5 USD

Please contact

NCR token will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges

NCRYPTO Network score on

All unsold and undistributed tokens will be burned.

Team & Advisors

Dmitriy Pavlov

CEO, founder

A permanent member of the New York Academy of Sciences and IEEE. Developed and co-founded BiNeuro project: an artificial intelligence system built on Data Science Technology (machine learning (neural networks), Big Data, Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA), fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms).

Oleksii Chepelyk

Business development, Co-founder

15 years of business development experience in the internationals. Founder of Business Technology Investment and MBA at Lancaster University Management school.

Sergey Nemesh

CTO, Co-founder

Experience in developing blockchain platforms. Developed architecture solution for and other projects. Experienced in the development of HighLoad systems based on microservice architecture with an asynchronous principle of interaction between system services. Application of AI and BigData for business data analysis. Development of architectural solutions for IoT projects using low-level programming.

Marcin Gawryś

Legal advisor

Attorney at Law with 9+ years of legal advisory experience, in particular in the field of new technologies, media, gaming, e-commerce and eSports. Corporate Counsel with long-term practice in providing strategic advice with regards to cross-border transactions, investments, M&A, blockchain and ICOs projects.

Oksana Tjupa

Fundraising adviser

Fundrasing Officer at Rotary International and Project Coordinator at Startup.Network. MBA at Business School MIM-Kyiv

Aleksey Tolkachov

Social projects advisor

Futurologist, social engineer, well known social activist, head of the charitable foundation, initiated the "Revolution of the Mindset" and designs a social system of mass crowdfunding "DvizhOK" based on

Andrii Bulavinov

Blockchain developer, Co-founder

Over 15 years of software development. Blockchain development using different platforms as storage infrastructure and smart contracts transaction protocol. Android development. Extensive experience with C++/wxWidgets, PHP, Python and shell scripting.

Dmitry Bezkorovainyi

Blockchain/IOS developer

Over 15 years of software development. iOS Lead Developer. Experience in blockchain development.

Svetlana Turobova


Corporate lawyer practicing in the field of international financial and contract law, securities law. Specialized in ICO legal advising, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies.

Chafik Abdellaoui

International Business Development, Co-founder

Entrepreneur, the founder of ACBMC, Bizzant, and XEDYAS IT HYBRID SOLUTIONS as well as contributor to Mobile Go ICO success (53 million USD) and other ICO’s as Advisor. Professional with an extensive experience in eCommerce, gaming and electronic payments

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1 NCR = 0.5 USD

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